If you enjoy Brazilian street music, like to have fun and know how to play some of the applicable instruments (or to dance samba), A Banda could be for you! We welcome everyone without regard to gender, nationality, age, religion or race.

New members face quite a lot of hard work getting to know the repertoire. A Banda expects newcomers to be able to play their instrument when they join. Horn players should be able to read music, but exceptions can be made for those with extremely gifted ears

The band meets two to four times a month for obligatory practice sessions, which are led by two professional musicians: one for the percussion section, the other for the horns. Teaching comprises the current repertoire, plus new rhythms and songs. We usually learn two to four new numbers a year.

Our teachers make sure that the band attains the best possible sound and expression. They are responsible for ensuring that we play together and achieve the right sound picture. They also function as conductors on jobs.

For more information about how to meet and play with us, please contact the following person:

  • Daniel Matalon (speaks Spanish, Danish, French, Portuguese & English)
    Telefon: 35421102
    e-mail: dma@fredensborg.dk